Legacy BI has failed organizations and decision makers.

Forbes, Gartner Research

More than 70% businesses report that they're not using the data they've collected to inform decisions.

Less than 30% of the intended users actually adopt the BI tools acquired by their organizations.

27% of the businesses blame a skill gap for their failure to operationalize BI tools.

Meet qbo, our conversational analytics chatbot.

Think of qbo as technology that speaks human. Ask anything in your own words, via chat or voice - and get instant answers and insights in natural language when they matter most.

It's conversational, collaborative, free-flow analytics. It's that simple.

Data finds data, insights find you.

Connects data silos instead of consolidating data, making data and intelligence sharing seamless across the organization – data is finally democratized, quickly and easily.


No need for geek speak.

People-literate tech that speaks your language - there’s no need for training; just ask qbo a question and get an answer that you’ll understand.

Together do much more.

Collaborate and share interesting insights with different groups – so everyone can make better decisions, across teams.

Outfitted with descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive ML models qbo empowers you to spot every opportunity, avoid risks, and stay a few jumps ahead of the competition.

Intelligence for everyone.

Give your business power, now!

Engineered for quick implementation, both on-premise and in the cloud, and designed for collaboration, qbo will empower your business team to make impactful decisions when they matter the most.


Key features at a glance

The higher the skill level of augmented intelligence required, the more qbo can offer! No matter which edition you choose, you’ll see your time to insights reduced from 2 weeks to 2 seconds.



Data integration

Data visualization

Enterprise-grade security

Automated insights & analytics

Automated recommendations

Autonomous decisioning


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Unscrambl's vision is to democratize data discovery & insights consumption to accelerate the way businesses make decisions. Unscrambl 'qbo' is your personal data scientist and let’s you talk to your data in natural language by bringing together domain knowledge and deeply embedded machine learning algorithms. qbo connects to any data source, integrates with legacy BI and is accessible on the go through leading collaboration tools and platforms

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